How is a Data Warehouse constructed and maintained

The methodology of Data Warehousing is as varied as the people who implement it.
We at IDS have, through our extensive experience, developed a comprehensive methodology that enables the rapid development of cost effective data warehouses.


Our methodology follows the following steps: 


  1. Determine the knowledge requirements of end users. 
  2. Determine the location and availability of the information within the operational systems. 
  3. Determine the business rules that define the use of the information within the operation systems. 
  4. Determine what business rules are to be used in the summarization of data within the data warehouse. 
  5. Establish an Operational Data Store (ODS) within the warehouse and ensure that it is current. 
  6. Check the ODS for errors and correct these. 
  7. Build fact tables, lookup tables and management tables and add maintained tables. 
  8. Builds data marts. 
  9. Build hierarchies for data dimensions. 
  10. Build models 
  11. Deploy warehouse interrogation tools. 
  12. Train end users in the use of the data warehouse and data warehouse interrogation tools. 
  13. Document and define all all data fields, processes and business rules used in construction of the warehouse. 
  14. Train enterprise staff to maintain the data warehouse. 
  15. Provide ongoing support and development as and when needed.
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