IDS provides the full range of services needed to build and maintain a functional business intelligence infrastructure.

These services can be divided into:

Business analysis:

No matter how leading edge the technologies you employ, if the business logic is wrong or poorly defined, your business intelligence systems will be a costly failure. We are able to work with you to analyze your business intelligence needs. Together we can develop solid business models which will dictate the systems and technologies that are to provide you with your business intelligence.

Systems analysis and development:

To support your business model, you need the appropriate systems. We are able to assess and modify existing systems to bring them into alignment with your business model. We are also able to develop new systems to support changes to your business model. This systems capacity is primarily due to the wide range of skills that our staff have developed over years of consulting to some of South Africa's leading companies.

End to end data warehousing solutions:

We have developed several large scale data warehouses and are aware that warehousing is not only about technology, it is a methodology for creating knowledge. The components required for a functional data warehouse are the IDS data warehousing methodology supported by leading edge technologies such as Oracle, Microsoft, and SAS and consultants who have an excellent understanding of the nature of data, information, and knowledge. We are able to provide and integrate all these components. We do not believe in creating dependency based client relationships and do provide extensive training for both your warehouse users and administrators. Our training stresses that users and the administrators should take collective ownership and responsibility for the warehouse and its data.

Infrastructure and facilities maintenance:

Business intelligence systems require complex infrastructure which can be beyond the capacity of your in-house IT staff. We provide the necessary skills to support your staff while they are building the necessary in-house capacity. There are times when it is either not cost effective or insufficient staff are available to perform a task in-house. We are also available to help in these situations

Programming resources:

Our consultants have a broad base of programming skills and we are able to assist with the development of new software and maintenance of old software. We also have excellent project managers who are able to work with both your staff and ours to ensure on time and on budget project completion.

IDS has developed a wide range of products and services that are designed to ensure that all members of an enterprise have the reporting and decision making information they need, when they need it and where they need it

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