The Browser

The browser is the primary tool used for exploring Naxian models.  
It is used to examine either models that have been prepared in batch or models that are produced dynamically from a user selected set of hierarchies. 


Models that are produced in batch are lightning fast – the data is available as soon as requested.  
Models that are dynamically produced are also very fast as the Naxian engine selects the most appropriate cube and only calculates the deviations from this to produce the requested model.  

If pre-built summaries of all dimensions likely to be requested are prepared in batch mode on a nightly basis (as we recommend), one seldom waits for more than a few seconds for a dynamic model to be populated.   


Using the browser one may


  • View any dimension against any other dimension with sub-selection (filters) from additional dimensions 
  • Expand dimensions to look at the various levels in a hierarchy and selectively look at any of the "children" in a dimension 
  • Move rows and columns at will allowing direct comparison of data 
  • "Traffic light" high and low values according to user requirements 
  • Drill to the source data and apply filters to the drill for refining the returned data 
  • Export data directly to Excel  


The browser comes with a highly versatile graphics engine allowing the preparation of publication quality graphs.   These are exported as fully editable graphics files that can be pasted directly into Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Paint and so on. 

The NAXIAN software consisted of six components:
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