The Maintenance Module

This module is used to define system and project databases, apply security and to generate Naxian models.  

The user supplies file and server information and chooses a database type (Oracle, Interbase, MS-SQL) and the maintenance module generates the required stored procedures.  
As with other modules it could be run interactively or in batch mode. The system database contained details such as database server used and its location and user ID password combinations.  

The project database contained Tables built and populated from data marts supplied by the Mart Builder.  


It contains Naxian models and the dimensions that constituted these models. Naxian models are multi-dimensional or “data cube” models where each dimension represents either a discrete set of values (say, investment type) or a hierarchy such as IMM-Region-Branch-Broker Consultant-Broker.   These models may be thought of as being equivalent to automated pivot tables in Excel.   Models are built by combining various dimensions together and populating the resultant cube with appropriate data from the "analysis variables".  


Examples of analysis variables could be "Count of Policies" or "Investment amount". 

Models built with the Maintenance Module may be 


  • Edited – model and dimension names can be changed 
  • Modified - additional dimensions may be added and existing dimensions altered 
  • Deleted 
  • Repopulated on the fly


The primary purpose of the maintenance module was to allow a business person, rather than a programmer, to setup and control use access to any level within a model. 

The NAXIAN software consisted of six components:
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